Anger Management: 10 Tips How to Avoid Anger

Anger Management: 10 Tips How to Avoid Anger

Anger Management – It is true that anger is a natural and normal emotion and is one of the basic emotions of a person. There are very few of us who are willing to believe that their nature is angry. Today I will talk to you about the signs of identifying your anger and how to deal with them.                             

When we see something happening against our desires, we become angry and we become uncontrollable. That anger is either a loss of us or someone else, mostly ours.

Anger management is a process in which one is taught to understand the signs of anger, to calm anger, and to deal with such situations.

Controlling or managing anger does not mean that anger will not arise again. Anger is negative energy that must be released from the mind or body. To give this energy the right path, how to react in that situation, how to avoid that situation, it is anger management.


Anger Management: 10 Tips How to Avoid Anger


Anger Management Tips


1. Recognize warning signs:-

There are some warning signs of anger that are felt before anger. These signs are personal because each person’s temper and reasons are different. If you recognize these personal signals and stop them before becoming angry, it can be controlled effectively. 

There are 4 categories of warning signs: physical, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive.

Physical signs: increased heartbeat, sweating or shaking, fast breathing and headache, etc.

Emotional signs: feeling guilty, feeling insecure, feeling jealous or rejected, etc.

Behavioral signs: screaming, raising your voice, rubbing your head, clenched fists, etc.

Cognitive signs: thinking about revenge, hurting someone, etc.

Becoming aware of your anger warning signs is an important step in managing your expression of anger.

2. Speak thoughtfully:-

Whatever you say, speak thoughtfully. In the heat of a moment, you will say anything and later you will regret it, so think first and then speak. By doing this you will neither feel bad about anyone nor will you feel bad about someone else. It will be managed before the situation worsens.

3. Channelize your anger:-

Channelize your anger. Anger is a type of energy and use this energy properly. It is better to teach someone a lesson or to take revenge that “Yes, I can or how can I move forward”, such thoughts should be brought to mind.

People have done great things, inspired by anger; they have turned anger into resolutions and intentions. They have used it to drive and inspire them to do big things. Use anger to motivate you and charge yourself to do things that are positive and good for you.

4. Give it the right direction:-

Direct your anger. Positively take anger to convert energy in the right direction. Now you have to determine whether anger will be beneficial or harmful for you?

When we are angry, we are certain. Either we want to take revenge or success, we have to decide. Do not let this energy be wasted, prepare a long term plan for yourself. Who will benefit from this? You only so plan now so that the life ahead becomes easy.

“Anger could be a gift only if it's used wisely” ― Dido Stargaze

5. Let it go:-

Forgiveness is the greatest strength. Reacting or tempering in every situation is not the solution to every problem. Many times, to maintain peace in life or to maintain relationships, we have to deal with old disputes, even if we are wrong. By doing this, we move beyond the tensions of the past and move towards peace.

This is also the mantra to get success in life. So leave the old grudges behind and move forward in life.

6. Express your feelings:-

When something is buried in our mind and we cannot express it to anyone, it gathers in our mind like a dagger, and one day it suddenly attacks us or someone else. And by that time, the situation has gone out of hand and some moments of life have gone bad.

Outbursts solve no problems, but mature dialogues can help reduce your stress and ease your anger. It can also prevent future problems.

7. Exercise regularly:-

When you exercise, it helps to shift your focus to the physical aspect and burns off excess energy. Exercise lowers blood pressure and releases endorphins into the bloodstream which triggers a positive feeling in the body.

Try some Medicine Ball Slam, Boxing, Yoga, and Running. These exercises are especially effective when you feel particularly furious. This will also improve your state of mind and reduces the possibilities of your anger.

8. Find possible solutions:-

Like I said earlier, the reason and reaction of every human being angry vary. Along with the causes of anger, you also have to find solutions to them. Keep your distance from a colleague in the office, if you do not like him, you are worried about any habit of a friend, you should talk to them, there is a problem at home talk to your life-partner. Remember, nothing will change with anger, find a solution.

9. Pay attention to the present:-

Learn to move forward, nothing is kept in old grudges, only then we will be able to achieve anything if we move forward in life. The best way to get out of the past is to learn to forgive. If you did not like someone’s action and get angry with them, forgive him. Forgiveness is a courageous act. After forgiving you will feel satisfied only then you will be able to think about the future.

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10. Know when to get professional help:-

Overcoming anger is a big challenge for everyone. People also try their best to get rid of this problem of anger. Some people succeed, some fail. Many things go wrong because of you and people close to you also pay the price.

Even after doing all this, if you fail to manage your anger, then you should know when to seek professional help.


In some countries like America, Britain, France, anger rooms are made to express anger where a person can calm their anger by breaking the objects of the room. People spend money too for it. But I believe that give the right direction to the energy of your anger, in which you have the benefit, why there is a need to sabotage of lifeless objects.

I hope that you have received help from this article. If you like this post “Anger Management: 10 Tips How to Avoid Anger” then definitely share it with your family and friends.


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