benefits of fasting

10 Amazing Benefits of Fasting is So Famous, But Why?

Benefits of Fasting

Fasting is an important part of our culture. We Indians have been resorting to fasting since ancient times to keep ourselves healthy. But for the last few decades, we were losing its importance in the name of Western civilizations. What to do? Life has become so busy; people have become so career-oriented that they look for short cuts of everything.

We have been told since childhood that eating more food keeps a person healthy while it is completely wrong. The need here is not to eat too much food but to have a balanced diet. Due to lack of time, people eat anything anytime, even if it reduces appetite for some time, but its results are painful shortly.

In earlier times, people were healthier and illnesses were less because they had such a lifestyle. He used to eat pure and balanced food. Today, people have neither a balanced routine nor diet.

Include fasting in your routine to live a good and healthy life. Now you will ask how one can be healthy by fasting or having a hungry stomach. Before understanding the benefits of fasting, we have to understand what the difference between hunger and an empty stomach is? Hunger means when our energy level starts decreasing and an empty stomach means that our brain is functioning well.

benefits of fasting

Well, the benefits of fasting are many. Fasting is beneficial for us physically, mentally, and spiritually, but today here we will talk about the physical and mental benefits.

1. The digestive system is better:-

Our body also works like a machine and just like any other machine; our digestive system also needs rest. Fasting helps in relaxing the body parts, and also provides time to deal with digestive problems. Fasting relaxes the abdominal muscles, improves mobility, and overcomes any deformities.

2. Longer life:-

Fasting also affects life span. Regular fasting provides long and healthy life. According to new studies, regular fasting is associated with lower heart rate and a longer life span.

Researchers found that regular fasters had a 45% lower mortality rate than non-fasters during the follow-up period.

3. Stress decreases:-

Fasting is useful in lowering insulin levels, which helps reduce stress levels. But to an extent, the level of stress can be reduced with the help of fasting. If you have a lot of stress problems then fasting is not for you.

Meditation, yoga, exercise, proper sleep, acupuncture are all ways to change the excess stress response.

Tips for Manage Stress Successfully

4. Helpful in reducing weight:-

If talking about the benefits of fasting, fasting is an effective way to lose weight and improve health. When you eat less food, due to low-calorie intake, it helps to reduce weight or keep it balanced.

But it should be noted that fasting may have some health benefits including weight loss, but it is not suitable for everyone.

5. Memory is strong:-

In fact, the brain and body perform better during fasting. Fasting can boost brain function by increasing levels of a protein that promotes neuron growth, new research has shown.

According to Professor Dr. Mark Matteson of John Hopkins University, fasting has been shown to increase the rates of neurogenesis in the brain. Neurogenesis is a process in which the cells and neurons of the nervous system are produced by neural stem cells.

6. Improve heart condition:-

The heart also keeps healthy by fasting once a month. Fat accumulated in the body during fasting is used for energy. This improves blood circulation, improves heart condition.

7. Creation of new immune cells:-

Keeping the fast strengthens the immune system. Because by fasting different cells of the body are born again, they are able to heal themselves. Most people consume fruits during fasting, due to which the body gets vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and antioxidants, which increases the body’s ability to fight against diseases.

8. Body detoxification:-

People usually eat unhealthy junk food to satisfy their hunger, but when you fast, no food is consumed by your body. In this way, the fat present in the body is converted into energy. Not only has this, but all the toxic elements of the body also come out of the body by not eating food and drinking only water or liquid. Body detoxification is one of the best benefits of fasting.

9. Maintain beauty:-

It is also beneficial for maintaining the beauty of the skin. It removes all the toxins from the body, which cleanses the skin and makes it clean, healthy, and attractive.

10. Speeds up metabolism:-

By keeping the fast, the body’s digestive system gets relief and it is able to improve its speed and work smoothly. Fasting is considered the easiest way to strengthen the body’s metabolism.

We talked about the benefits of fasting, but it is necessary to take some precautions during fasting. There are some rules of fasting which must be followed.

Some precautions during fasting: –

  • Do not suffer your body too much and only tolerate as much hunger as you can.
  • Fasting means not being hungry, but keeping your eating habits under control.
  • In fasting, consume more fruits and juice, will not cause weakness and it will also provide essential elements for the body.
  • Do not eat oily or deep-fried food during fasting; otherwise, there is no benefit of fasting.
  • Fasting one day does not mean that eating anything full the next day, light food should also be eaten the next day.
  • Do not do so much physical work during fasting days, this will cause weakness and may also cause dizziness.
  • Do not take stress during fasting days.

Who should not fast: –

  • Heart disease or type 2 diabetes patients should not fast
  • Pregnant women should not keep fast; this will not provide complete nutrition to the child.
  • Do not fast if the weight is already low
  • People who have problems with blood sugar regulation should not fast
  • People with low blood pressure should also not fast

India is a country of festivals. Fasting is prevalent in many festivals. But the fast should be observed not only from the religious point of view but also from the health point of view.

I hope you liked this article “Benefits of Fasting” and will help you in the process of fasting too. Please share this article with your family and friends.

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