10 Best/Top Fruits for Weight Loss

If you are on a mission to lose weight, the first few things that may comes in your mind that can be either hit the gym or do high dieting. Many of us don’t know fruits can do magic in our weight loss journey. You must be aware of how fruits are an essential part of your diet in losing weight. You have a wide range of fruits to choose from, but I will tell you 10 Best/Top Fruits for Weight Loss :-


Oranges are healthy; they are no better at burning fat than any other fruit. It is also included in weight loss fruits because it contains high fibers and water content which helps you feels full.

 1 large orange contains 86 calories; you can consume it as a salad or as a snack.


Even after all the ways and dieting you are not losing weight, you should think about the consumption of apples. You can speed up the process of weight loss by consuming Apple in the morning diet.

If you eat an apple in the morning breakfast then the body gets the necessary fiber and nutrients. Because of this, you do not bother to eat anything for a long time. A bowl of chopped raw apples has 65 calories. And there is no fat at all. While a medium-sized apple has 110 calories.


Lemon is a must have Fruit in the list of 10 Best/Top Fruits for Weight Loss. Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon first thing in the morning is probably the most popular way to lose weight naturally. Vitamin C is believed to have weight loss properties.

According to an article published in the Journal of American College of Nutrition in 2005, vitamin C is inversely proportional to weight loss. The article states that adequate amounts of vitamin C originate in the body from a series of chemical reactions that break down fat for energy use in the body.

Squeeze half a lemon in 2 cups of warm or hot water, with a value of 5.5 calories.


Eating watermelon in summer not only gives us coolness and freshness, but it is also very healthy and effective in controlling weight. During the summer, watermelon protects our body from dehydration because it contains enough water as well as it helps to detoxify the body.

Eating 100 gm watermelon gives us only 30 grams of calories and the amount of cholesterol and fat is also very less and sugar is also only 6%, due to which it is helpful in controlling our weight.


Along with its sweetness and taste, pineapple is also very beneficial for health. It also increases immunity in the body. A large amount of vitamin C is found in it. It is also very helpful in reducing weight, it also increases digestive power.

One cup of pineapple has 70 to 85 calories only.


Berries one of the best fruit for weight loss. It is always suggested to enjoy the combination of various berries rather than eating only one type. The best berries are for weight loss are blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries and strawberries.

Berries aid in weight management by boosting up the metabolism process that enhances calorie burn. And being loaded with fibers, it also helps in preventing food cravings.


A pomegranate or its juice is good for any human being, and regular consumption of it can also bring some great changes in your life. Pomegranate is also the best source of Vitamin C, K and Vitamin B. Other nutrients found in pomegranate include iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, selenium and zinc. In addition, pomegranate fruit is also a good source of omega-6 fatty acids.


Papaya is a very useful fruit for those who are troubled by excess fat and work out in the gym for hours to reduce increasing fat. It is also low in calories and fat. Papaya is a very nutritious and healthy fruit, with many hidden benefits. It is also contains calcium, vitamins, iron, minerals and phosphorus, which are very important elements for the body.

Papaya contains a small amount of calories, which is beneficial while losing weight. A cup of papaya contains 60 calories, 16 grams of carbs and 3 grams of fiber, which helps keep your weight under control. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, then take papaya regularly.


The common belief is that eating bananas leads to weight gain but this is not true. You can also lose weight by eating a banana. Everyone will be well aware that banana is a good source of fiber. Which helps a lot in correcting your digestive system?

Bananas are also rich in minerals, potassium and magnesium in addition to needy vitamins like B6 and B-12. You should keep in mind how much your calorie intake target is and eat within that limit only. By doing this, the banana will not increase your weight, but will prove to be helpful in losing weight.


If you are tired of trying all the solutions to lose weight and you do not see even an inch decrease in your extra fat, then you may not have tried coconut oil remedies till now. Many such elements are found in coconut oil which helps in weight loss.

Coconut oil contains fatty acids which are helpful in reducing weight. It also boosts the process of metabolism and makes the digestive system active. The use of coconut oil reduces the possibility of fat accumulation in the body.

Best Fruits for Weight Loss

This is the list of 10 Best/Top Fruits for Weight Loss that can help you in loosing weight. Apart from this also follow a balanced diet for better and effective results.

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