Best Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi

Best Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi

Best Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi – Holi is a festival of colors that we all like. Everyone likes to play colors in Holi, but there are many disadvantages of colors used in Holi, in which the maximum damage is done to our hair and skin. Chemical is a big reason for this. Nowadays, a lot of cheap and chemical-rich colors are available in the markets, which are very harmful for hair and skin. In such a situation it is very important to take care of hair and skin.

Here we will talk about some tips and remedies that you can use before and after Holi to protect your hair and skin.

Hair care before Holi

Best Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi
Best Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi

Massage the hair properly:-

Before playing Holi, it is most important to massage the hair with oil properly. Massage well with coconut oil or olive oil from hair roots to the ends. Massaging with oil creates a greasy layer on the hair, so whatever color or gulal applied, will not settle in the hair and it will come out easily while washing the hair.

Tie the hair well:-

During the festival of Holi, before leaving the house, it is important to tie the hair tightly. By tying hair tightly, the color will not reach the roots of hair and there will not be much damage to hair.

Use chemical free colors:-

Always use organic colors to play Holi. But it is not necessary that the person in front also uses organic colors, for this, use the tips given.

Hair care after Holi

Wash hair with plain water:-

First wash the hair with plain water for 5-6 minutes. Do not rub too much because already chemical is in your hair, if you rub too much then the hair can break, just give a light massage with the help of fingers. This will remove the layer of color from hair. After that use shampoo.

Wash hair with mild shampoo:-

After washing the hair with plain water, wash the hair with a mild shampoo. Try whether the shampoo is herbal or you can also use baby shampoo. Do not apply shampoo more than 2 times in one go.

Use the conditioner after shampoo:-

After rinsing the hair with mild shampoo, use conditioner so that the hair can be detangled easily.

Use hair mask:-

On the same day or if you want, Next Day you can apply a hair mask made at home on your hair. This will restore the natural texture of your hair.

Skin care before Holi

Best Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi
Best Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi

Use Sunscreen Lotion:-

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion on your face; it will create a protection layer on your face so that it will be protected from chemical colors while playing Holi.

Apart from face, whatever part of the body is open such as hand or neck, apply coconut oil or almond oil on it. During Holi, try to wear full clothes so that at least part of the body comes in contact with colors.

Skin care after Holi

Wash face with lukewarm water:-

Try to clean the face color with the help of lukewarm water, if you want, you can also use a cleanser.

Don’t rub your face too much:-

Do not rub too much while cleansing the face, it can cause rashes or spots on the face. Massage with light hands to clean the face color.

Massage with ice cube:-

Give a good massage with ice cube on your face. This will relieve any rashes or itching on the face and will also give a glow to the face.

Use homemade face mask:-

Apply a good face mask on the face. If you want, you can apply a mask made of yogurt, honey and multani mitti on your face. Curd will provide coolness to the face, curd is also known for its cooling property.

Best Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi
Best Hair and Skin Care Tips for Holi


There are some other tips by using which you can enjoy the colors of Holi freely and can also maintain its beauty: –

Use lip balm: – Use lip balm to protect lips.

Cut the nails: – Before playing Holi, cut your nails so that the color does not go into them.

Use nail polish or Vaseline: – Apply nail polish or Vaseline on the nails so that the color of Holi does not settle on them.

Wearing cotton clothes: – During Holi, wear clothes that are made of cotton. Cotton clothes are soft on the body and if there is any irritation or itching due to the chemical of colors then its effect is reduced.

Stay Hydrated: – While playing Holi, we used to get so busy playing Holi that we do not even remember drinking water. And sometimes we do not feel thirsty because of the water colors. Do not do this at all, while playing Holi, take special care of drinking water so that your body remains hydrated.

Holi is a festival of colors and happiness, enjoy it and keep these tips in mind, but try not to harm anyone else. Play a safe and environment friendly Holi.

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