Best Hair Care Tips for Winter Season

Hair Care is difficult in winters and this is the reason that hair damage rates increase in these days. At this time, the problem of dandruff, split ends, dry or rough hair, hair fall is common. Dryness and roughness are the problems of almost every hair types. That is why hair needs special hair care in winters. Through this article, we are telling you the ways to prevent the winter problems and best hair care tips for winters.

Do not use hot water

Don’t take a hot shower. Hot water can harm your hair. You can use cold or warm water instead while washing your hair in winters.

Do not Shampoo too often

Stay away from washing your hair every day in winter. Everyday washing will soak the hair’s natural oil and make your hair look dull, unhealthy and without any moist. Wash your hair twice a week for frizz-free hair.

Oil your hair

Dry hair can very quickly lead to an itchy scalp and dandruff. A hot oil massage once a week from coconut or almond oil will be a breather for the scalp. This will help you to prevent a dry and flaky scalp and improve your blood circulation.

Use right Shampoo and conditioner

Get understand of your hair type then choose shampoo and conditioner accordingly.


Comb your hair very wisely in winters. Always use wide-tooth comb for your hair and always use conditioner after shampoo.

Get Your Hair Trimmed

Hairs get more damaged near the tips, split ends and dry hairs are mostly start from the tips. You should go for a trim after every six to eight week and it can really help your hairs to be unaffected with damage.

Balanced Diet & stay hydrated

Drinking enough water is the key to avoiding dehydration. At least 8-10 glasses a day is recommended.

Along with hydration, a nutrient-rich diet will strengthen your locks from roots to tips.

Do not comb wet hair

When drying your wet hairs, use a wide-tooth comb for it. But keep in mind, too much combing in wet hair leads to more hair fall. So the best hair care tip for winters is to avoid over combing

Cover with Care

Don’t wear a hat or scarf when you hairs are wet. You can wear silk scarves to protect hair from cracking. Hair is often broken by a scarf or wearing a woolen hat.

Best Hair Care Tips for Winter

Hair care is a bit difficult in winter days but these tips will definitely help you. Hope this article helped you in caring your hairs and saved you from the winter disaster. Keep your hairs healthy and lively!


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