Best Skin Care Routine for Winter Season

Winter is coming. Lack of moisture can make your skin excessively dry, dull and itchy; some people’s skin reacts in a completely different way.  Your skin needs extra care in winters so that it remains hydrated. If you are thinking how to manage time for that then no need to worry here I am going to share some super tips to take care of your skin in winter. Best skin care routine for winter season:-

Drink lots of water –

This is probably the most important thing you can do for your skin and body in winter. It’s important to make sure you stay hydrated on the inside to avoid dry skin. When you don’t drink enough water and you become dehydrated, your skin suffers.

The recommended amount of water to drink daily is two liters – something you should aim for everyday.

Say no to hot showers –

Hot showers and baths sound great on a cold winter day. Hot water removes natural oil from skin and leaves it dry and rough. Keep the showers short and do not forget to moisturize right after.

Exercise –

Exercise and sweating help to warm you up, clear your pores, and increase your circulation–delivering nutrients to your skin.

Pick the right moisturizer –

Picking the right moisturizer for your skin type can be tricky but it is the secret to soft glowing skin. If you are not sure or have a skin condition that needs special attention, you may seek the help of a dermatologist or a skin care expert to find the right product.

You still need the sunscreen –

You still need sunscreen in winter. Although there is not so much effect of sunlight in winter but UV rays can still harm your skin. Always use sunscreen based moisturizer.

Balanced Diet –

This is the Best skin care routine for winter season. For healthy skin you have to eat healthy food. Avoid junk food; eat foods that are high in water.

Use oil in bathing water –

Use few drops of coconut or olive oil in your bathing water it also prevent your skin to getting dry.

Use Mild Soap –

Use only the mildest of soap on your body. Try olive oil or coconut oil or palm oil soaps. Don’t use soap on your face unless you have to remove makeup or sunscreen, and even then coconut oil works best. Normally, water and a wash cloth with gentle cleansing is enough.

Best skin care routine for winter season

By following these tips and maintaining a positive skin care routine you can avoid common skin problems in winters and survive the cold weather with healthy, beautiful-looking skin.

I hope you will find this Best skin care routine for winter season helpful. Please comment & share.

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