Business Ideas for Housewives

20 Business Ideas for Housewives & Moms with Low or No Investment

20 Business Ideas for Housewives & Moms – Are you getting bored sitting at home and want to do something different. If yes, then this article is written just for you. If you have a talent or any other skill in you, any housewife can be self-sufficient and independent.

The biggest advantage of working from home is that you will be able to establish good coordination between your work and domestic responsibilities. You will also be able to give time to children and family and the most important thing is you can refine your talent and skills.

To help you out, I am here today with 20 Business Ideas for Housewives & Moms and it can also be a good opportunity for you to become a financial aid to your family.

1. Data entry jobs:-

This is the simplest way to earn some money sitting at home. As the name itself suggests, the data received from the company has to be entered in Excel or any other database using by that particular company. For this, no skill is required, just basic computer knowledge and a desktop or laptop with an internet connection is required. Just one thing has to be kept in mind that there are some fraud companies in it. So before starting the work, make sure to check the authenticity of that company.

Initial investment Required – NIL

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2. Online survey:-

Good money can be made by working on survey sites. Big companies are willing to spend a lot of money on this. If any new research is done or the product needs to be upgraded, then the data is collected by the survey.

It does not require any new skill or experience. Just go to the survey sites and create an account, whenever a survey comes for you, you are informed. The company pays you after the survey is completed.

An online survey requires a desktop or laptop with an internet connection and an e-mail ID using which to create an account on the survey site.

Initial investment Required – NIL

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3. Blogging:-

Blogging is a very popular idea for stay-at-home mothers. You have to choose a trendy topic about which you can write good articles. Topics can be any such as beauty, weight loss, parenting, cooking, etc. If your content is good and people like to read your blogs then you can attract a lot of traffic to your blog. With more traffic on the blog, you can earn good money from advertisements on your blogs.

A website or blog can also be monetized through Google Ad-sense also. There are both free (Blogger) and paid (WordPress) options; blogging can be started by going on any platform. To start blogging, a desktop or laptop with an internet connection and an e-mail ID is required, using which to create an account on the blogging platform.

The initial investment required – (Rs. 4000-Rs. 5000)

4. Affiliate marketing:-

Affiliate marketing is a platform in which profit can be made by selling the product of another merchant. You do not have to do much in this, just you have to choose the best selling products that you can review and whose commission rate is high.

There are many companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, eBay, Shopify, whose affiliate program can be joined for money-making. For example, create an account by visiting the Amazon Associate program, take an affiliate link from it, and share it on the blog page or social media accounts. If someone goes through the link you have shared and made a purchase, then you will get commission fixed by the company. 

An internet connection and a PayPal or bank account are all you may need to get started.

The initial investment required – NIL       

5. Freelancing:-

Freelancing is a great source of earning some extra income from home and, as far as we are concerned, one of the most suitable home-based business ideas for housewives.

A freelancer is a self-employed person providing services, often working on multiple jobs for different clients at a time. Freelancers usually make money on a per-work basis, charging hourly or daily rates for their work. Freelance work is usually short term.

It is a very profitable business for all people, including educated housewives and domestic mothers.

There are a lot of opportunities to work as freelancers in areas like web designing, data entry, form filling, photography, content writing, and more.

6. E-book Writing:-

If a mother sitting at home or a housewife is fond of writing or has an exhaustive knowledge about any topic like storybook, novel, DIY, or any technology, then a book can be written.

E-books mean digital form, for this, there are platforms like Amazon or Kindle where you can publish your own book or can direct sales through your blog.

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7. Event Planner:-

If you are good at planning and organizing, there is nothing better than this. Event planning is the perfect job for a socialite. With flexible working hours, mothers and housewives can use their free time and amazing communication skills to manage large events.

Initially, there is no need for any experience for this; just you have to work with your smart sense. Get a little experience by planning small events like birthday parties, small dining, and kitty parties in the surrounding area or society. Then create a good profile such as a good name for your organization, a website or blog, and some testimonials. Later contact the corporate and other established business firms and spread your business.                                                                                                          

8. Online Counseling:-

Understanding psychology is not a matter of everyone but if you are proficient in it, then you can be an online counselor. Counseling is basically a talk therapy through which people’s mindset can be understood. Nowadays, anyway, people live in depression, upset about their relationships, in such a situation you can understand their mindset by diagnosing their problems and make them motivated. For this, you must have an understanding of people.

You can start this business by creating a website or blog on which you can also write blogs about these topics and can also take online counseling sessions. YouTube will be a very good platform if you want to give sessions through videos.

9. Baking cakes:-

Baking and decorating cake is an art, if you are proficient in it, then this business can be started from home. You can start this business from your kitchen only because it does not require many appliances, resources, and space.

The cake can be sold from home. Besides, you can tie up with local bakeries to increase sales. To take the business to the next level, all you need to do is create a business website, where people from your local area can order cakes and you have to deliver cakes to their door.

The initial investment required: Rs.5000 – Rs.10000       

10. Online or offline Classes/Tuition:-

If you have good academic knowledge or have good knowledge of a subject or technology, then you can give online or offline tuition. Women can use their educational knowledge to give tuition classes to school or college students.

After becoming a mother, it becomes difficult to do the job of 9-5, so this is a good way to keep yourself updated and earn money.

There are many platforms for online tuition, where first you have to register your profile, after which classes can start. You will get a fixed percentage of fees charged from students.

Offline tuition can be started from home itself, first give tuition to the students nearby, after that you can increase your scope.

The initial investment required: NIL

11. Sell handmade products:-

With the help of social media, it is not very difficult to sell handmade products nowadays. There is a good demand for handmade jewelry, handicrafts, handmade chocolates, and handmade cookies, thus you can earn some extra income by advertising such more handmade products online.

12. Catering:-

There are a lot of scopes in the catering business, especially if you are a good cook. It is important to understand the difference between catering and event planning. In catering, you only have to take responsibility for the food, whereas, in event planning, the responsibility of the entire event is on your shoulders.

So, first of all, prepare a good menu and ask the people around you to give you a chance for their events or parties. After taking some experience, you can also take large orders such as hotel parties, corporate events, and weddings.

You can also start Tiffin’s service under catering.


Business Ideas for Housewives

13. Start a YouTube channel:-

The YouTube Partner Program is another online business opportunity that is a platform for Google. You can create a YouTube channel and earn money by running ads on it. It can be a beauty tips channel, lifestyle hacks, cooking classes, yoga, and meditation, or an educational channel, whatever subject you have good knowledge about. This is a good way to earn money sitting at home.

14. Cooking Classes:-

The next business idea for housewives is running a cooking class for college girls and other passionate cooking women. Housewives and mothers are usually gifted with culinary skills. If you have a similar one, then starting a cooking class at your home can give you good returns.

It is a pure women’s business where you can turn your passion into profit. You can also make videos and make money by posting them on YouTube.

15. Beauty Parlor:-

The beauty parlor is one of the most popular business ideas for housewives. However, to start this business you will have to undergo special training. This domestic business will be beneficial for every woman who wants to start it.

All should look good; just take the training of 3-6 months from a good institute, after that you can easily start this business. Yes, in the beginning, you will have to invest a little money because it requires many products and equipment, but profit can also be earned well.

The initial investment required: Rs.25000 – Rs.30000

16. Online travel guide:-

You can make some good income sitting at home by providing the best travel guide services to the tourists. If you are fond of exploring new places or going on adventurous trips, share your experiences, give insights, provide helpful suggestions for other travelers, uncover places of interest, suggest hotels, and offer your guided services. 

You can also share your suggestions or experiences by writing a blog on travel. There are many travel agencies, with which you can earn some extra money by collaborating with them.

17. Daycare service:-

Daycare service is the best business for mom and housewives that can be started from home. If you like children, this business can be started with children around the locality.

Operating a daycare center allows you to take care of your children as well as other people’s children. This business is a good option for mothers and women who are already experienced in taking care of children.

18. Virtual Assistance:-

A virtual assistant is a person who provides assistance to other businesses from a remote location. They are self-employed and provide professional, administrative, and technical services.

Some of its skills are required such as good communication skills, time management, and problem-solving skills. This is a contract base job that can be done at home, according to your flexible time.

19. Diet Instructor:-

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, people do not pay attention to their health and in this world of junk food; people eat a lot of unhealthy things. In this situation, a healthy diet is becoming a major concern. People are ready to spend a lot of money on it.

If you are health conscious and have knowledge of food nutrition then this is a good business idea for housewives or moms. What you have to do is just prepare a healthy diet plan for the person as per their eating habits and health goals. Blogging and YouTube will be great platforms for this.

20. Social Media Consulting:-

Today, everyone, whether it is a human or an organization, uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts. Individuals use it for their entertainment or personal use, but the organization’s brand value and traffic to their website depend on them.

If you are good at maintaining social media pages, then you can offer services to various companies or small organizations. Social Media Consulting is one of the highly profitable business ideas for housewives.

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The economic situation of today is that it inspires both the husband and wife to work. The lifestyle of the society is changing, inflation is increasing, education is becoming expensive.

These are some such business ideas for housewives and moms, with the help of which the family’s household responsibilities can be shared with the husband. 

I hope you liked the article “20 Business Ideas for Housewives & Moms with Low or No Investment” mentioned above. Please do share your feedback in the comment section and share this post with your friends and family.


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