Daily Hair Care Routine for Indian Hair

Daily Hair Care Routine for Indian Hair

Daily Hair Care Routine – Summer or winter, spring or monsoon, special precautions should be taken to protect your hair from pollution. Whether you live indoors or outdoors, take special care of your hair. Gases from air conditioners, refrigerators and microwaves are harmful to your hair.

Provide adequate nutrition to the hair so that they are not dry and lifeless. Here we are giving some suggestions for you in the new year. With these remedies, you can get healthy hair as well as shiny and strong hair. These some special hair care tips make the hair beautiful and shiny along with lengthening the hair. Let us know what steps you should take to take care of your hair.

Daily Hair Care Routine for Indian Hair
Daily Hair Care Routine for Indian Hair

Daily Hair Care Routines for Indian Hair

Drink plenty of water:-

Water is the best and cheapest way to increase beauty. Drink plenty of water to keep your hair healthy. Because water works to remove toxins from the body. Due to which our hair and whole body also remain healthy. So drink 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day.

Keep in mind while washing hair: –

  • Always use shampoo according to your hair type, which is less chemical. Try whether the shampoo is natural or herbal.
  • Do not wash your hair with too much hot water. The natural oil of the hair is removed with hot water and the hair begins to look dry and lifeless. Wash hair with lukewarm water instead of warm water.
  • You can wash your hair 2-3 times a week. Washing hair daily causes hair loss. Hair begins to weaken.
  • Make sure to apply conditioner to your hair after shampoo, especially when your hair is dry.
  • Do not rub them vigorously while washing hair. Wet hair is weak and breaks easily. If you rub the hair vigorously while applying shampoo or washing the shampoo it will break. So wash hair with light hands.

Keep in mind while drying hair: –

  • Allow hair to dry in open air in a natural way. Do not use any type of equipment.
  • After washing the hair, rub them dry vigorously with a towel, this can break hair. So do not dry the hair by rubbing it with a towel because the roots of wet hair are weak and hair can break.
  • Do not use a hair dryer for hair drying. Repeated use of hair dryer causes hair to become hot and weak. If you use a hair dryer regularly, stop doing so.
  • Never comb in wet hair. Wet hair is weak and can break easily when applied slightly.
Daily Hair Care Routine for Indian Hair
Daily Hair Care Routine for Indian Hair

Massage hair with oil: –

Hair also needs nutrients and oil massage is most needed. So take time for oil massage once a week. Massage of oil helps strengthen the hair from the root and make hair grow faster. By applying oil regularly, hair becomes silky soft.

Do not drink tea and coffee in large quantities-:

Do not drink large amounts of tea and coffee during the day as the caffeine present in it causes hair loss. 

Eat foods that strengthen hair: –

Include hair nutrition foods in the diet. Your hair is made of protein, so it is most important that your diet should contain protein content. For healthy and strong hair, take your diet with more protein and iron foods.

Use of natural products: –

Protect your hair with chemical-rich cosmetic products. Because there is a lot of chemical in the products found in the market, due to which the hair starts becoming dry and lifeless. You can clean your hair with household products at your home.

Do regular hair trimming: –

The best way to get rid of the problem of split ends is to trim the hair periodically. It also improves hair growth. Therefore, trim hair once a month.

Take care of hair while leaving home: –

Protect your hair from dust and pollution after getting out of the house. Keep the hair covered to protect the hair from the harmful rays of the sun.

If you follow the above routine, your hair will always be healthy and shiny.

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