How to avoid heatwaves in this extremely hot summer. Read These 7 Tips

How to avoid heatwaves

Summer is going on. From the fashion point of view, this season is good but summer is a season that requires special care of skin and health. The skin burns, many stomach problems are encountered, but the worst thing is the heatwave.

It does not sound so frightening, but they have the worst effect on our health. It is these heatwaves that people need to avoid the most in summer.

Here today we will talk about these heatwaves and how to avoid them.

What is heat exhaustion?

Heat exhaustion is a condition that may include excessive sweating and rapid movement of a pulse, resulting in heat in your body. If this is not taken seriously, then fatal conditions like heat stroke and heat cramp can occur.

Heat cramp is a mild heat-related syndrome while heatstroke can be a life-threatening condition. Muscle pain and cramps usually occur in the legs or abdomen as an early sign of heatwave.

Signs & Symptoms of heat exhaustion:-

  • Cool, moist skin with Goosebumps when in the heat
  • Heavy sweating
  • Pale or flushed skin
  • Faintness
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle cramps
  • Nausea
  • Headache

Seek medical help if vomiting or fainting persists.


What to do to avoid heatwave?

1. Drink electrolyte solution:-

Warmer environments put you at risk for a variety of heat-related illnesses, ranging from mild heat rash to deadly heatstroke.

Electrolyte water is enhanced with minerals, which your body needs to function optimally as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride.

They are distributed through fluids in your body and use their electrical energy to facilitate important bodily functions. You can also prepare an electrolyte solution at home.

2. Stay Hydrated:-

Drink as much water as possible. Even if you are not thirsty, do not forget to drink water. This will save you from heatwaves.

3. Eat small meals:-

Do not eat a lot of food together in the summer, because it can cause problems like vomit and nausea. Eat potassium-rich food to avoid heat waves.

4. Avoid extreme temperatures:-

Avoid extreme temperature changes. This is the main cause of heatstroke. In summer, our body cannot withstand this sudden change of temperature and causes cold in summer. Do not leave the air-conditioned room immediately, turn off the air conditioner shortly before leaving, and only when the room temperature is normal, and leave the room.

5. Wear loose-fitting clothes:-

Take special care of clothes in summer. Wear loose-fitting and lightweight clothing. In the summer, give priority to cotton clothes because cotton is soothing in nature. Also, take special care of colors and wear light-colored clothes.

6. Postpone outdoor games:-

Get out as little as possible, get out of the house only for necessary work. Especially do not let the children go outside or play in the park, let them play games at home or keep them busy with some indoor fun activities.

7. Take frequent breaks:-

If you have a field job in marketing or sales, then do not work continuously, take frequent breaks, and drink water continuously.

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Take care of animals too:-

Take care of your pet even during a heatwave. A heatwave can cause excessive panting and drool in pets.

  • Keep them in the shade and away from the asphalt floor which quickly heats up.
  • Give them fresh food and clean water.
  • Take them to the vet if they continue drooling or panting.

Some important things to note:-

  • Do not leave children or pets alone in enclosed vehicles.
  • Do not have a drink with alcohol or too much caffeine.
  • Do not do strenuous exercise during the hottest part of the day.
  • Do not travel during high temperatures.

Hopefully, this information will work for you and help you avoid heatwaves.

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