How To Control Anger

Learning How To Control Anger Is Not Difficult At All! You Just Need A Great Teacher!

How To Control Anger?


Anger is the biggest enemy of a person. Every person gets angry at some point in time in their life. The only difference is that some people are able to handle this anger and some are incapable.

It does not only harmful to the brain but is also physically harmful. Anger is natural but the winner is the one who knows how to control it. Your anger hurts you physically and mentally more than hurting others. When you calm down, you also regret it and you wonder how to control anger.

"Anger is not always bad if it is used in the right direction".

What is anger?

Anger is a natural emotion in which a person becomes incapable of understanding and dealing with situations. This is a condition in which a person is not able to differentiate between right and wrong and often takes such decisions due to which one has to repent later. Therefore, it is said that one should not commit anything in too much happiness and do not take any decision in anger.

Why do you get angry?

There can be many reasons for anger because nowadays lifestyle is something like this. There are many reasons like bad eating habits, excess work pressure, failed relationships, expectations, and more ambitions than needed.

Too much anger sometimes creates conditions that such distances become so much in the mutual relations that the distance in the mind increases even among the people of the families. They stop liking each other. Mutual differences always make the relationship weak.

Anger makes a person helpless and irritable due to which he often ends up doing his own harm.


How to Control Anger

How to Control Anger?

Before we talk about “how to control anger“, you have to understand the difference between anger management and anger control. Anger management is a process before anger occurs. Its goal is to understand and control the causes of anger. Whereas controlling anger is the technique of handling anger after getting angry.

  1. There should be a timeout:-

The plan is to take a “time-out”, which means distancing yourself from a bad situation that is worsening and allowing you to calm down.

Counting from 1 to 10 to calm anger is a very old technique that almost everyone knows and has proved to be very effective.

Everyone is different when it comes to controlling anger. Some people live in anger for a long time, while some people get calm quickly. The best way to avoid anger is to escape before that situation arises, but if you get caught in it, then get away from that situation for some time.

  1. Deep breathing:-

There are many techniques to manage our emotions especially our anger. One of the best and most accessible methods for anger management is through breathing exercises. Angry? Try to slow down your breath. Breathing exercise is a powerful tool for calming down anger.

Even simple breathing exercises can make a big difference in a situation as it reduces the activity of anger hormones. This will help you to stay calm and think clearly. Not only does it help you with your mental health, but it also has benefits on your body.

  1. Find some quiet time:-

To control anger, it is very important to remain calm. Try some relaxing techniques like meditation and mindfulness. These exercises will help you stay away from anger for a long time. When we talk about how to control anger, finding some quiet time for yourself is the best remedy.

  1. Avoid alcohol:-

The link between alcohol and anger is huge. Alcohol is a well-known disruptive, which means that it makes you angrier.

If you are struggling with anger at a person or situation, you are more likely to express that when you are drunk, try to work in a constructive way rather than acting negatively. There may be a negative impact on your behavior, but when you are drunk, you are less able to decide whether to moderate or stop those behaviors.

With effective treatment, you can learn to manage anger constructively.

Talk openly with your life partner, relatives, or close friends.

  1. Take a walk:-

To control anger, go for a Brisk Walk. It not only strengthens bones and muscles but also improves your mood.

  1. Music is the best friend:-

Music therapy can be a useful tool to manage strong emotions like anger. The musical expression of emotions through stories heard in songs can help raise emotional awareness. You must listen to 10–15 minutes of music for calmness and release anger.

  1. Write a journal:-

Many people have a habit of writing a daily journal. You can also do this. By doing this, it will be beneficial that you will be able to notice those situations where you get angry and up to which level. If you come to know which situations are where you get angry, then you will handle those situations well before they arise.

  1. Laugh therapy:-

We all know that laughter helps relieve all stress and generates positive emotions by increasing levels of positive hormones that help destroy anger. It makes people feel good because it stops painful emotions like fear and anger by releasing them. Anyway, it is said that the biggest battle can be won with a smile.

  1. Learn to forgive:-

Forgiving is very important for mental peace. This is a very important point in the list of How to Control Anger. The biggest reason for anger in the world is people’s ego and revenge. If people learn to forgive then the problem of anger can be easily got rid of.

  1. Talk to trusted people:-

Talking and discussing makes the heart lighter. The state of anger arises mostly when there is something in the mind and cannot express it. Therefore, you can talk to any of your trusted relatives or friends. By discussing, anger not only calms down but also experiences a feeling of security.

  1. Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep gives rise to many problems, whether physical or mental. There is a bit of irritability in human behavior due to not getting enough sleep, such a person always remains angry and gets angry about everything. So if you want to avoid anger, then get full sleep and feel refreshed throughout the day

I hope it makes a difference and helps you find your ways, use anger to your advantage, and do it in your favor.

This is it about “How to Control Anger”. I hope that you will get help from this article. If you like this post, then definitely share it with your family and friends.

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