Do you know your skin type???

Do you know your skin type???

Know your skin type – You try many ways to improve your skin, but they prove to be ineffective. The main reason is that you are not treating it based on skin type. For proper skin care, it is most important that you understand your skin first. Here you will find answers to all the skin related questions, which will prevent your problems from growing and help you in choosing the makeup products suitable for your skin.

First of all, let me tell you what the skin type is, because only then you will be able to determine your skin type.

  • Normal skin
  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Combined skin
  • Sensitive skin
Do you know your skin type???
Do you know your skin type???

Let us now know the symptoms of these skin types: –

Normal skin:-

If your skin is normal then it is no less than a boon for you. Such skin is neither very dry nor very oily. It has a balanced mixture of moisture and oil elements, making it neither oily nor dry. But if it is ignored, it starts losing its luster.

What to do:-

People with normal skin should avoid sunlight; It can cause spots and wrinkles on the skin. Almost all products on them also suit. And do not have to face skin problems. Do not use oily products. This can make your skin gradually oily.

Oily skin:-

This type of skin has mostly pimples or spots and also has a stickiness problem on the face. Makeup on such skin does not last. Home remedies for pimples

What to do:-

Special cleansing is required for oily skin so that the pores remain open and blackheads and pimples can be avoided. Pimples are spread all over the face if not treated properly. After face wash use oil free moisturizer and toner.

Dry skin: –

People with such skin always face stiffness. If your skin is dry then winter season is like a problem for you. Skin becomes dry and lifeless due to lack of moisture, skin irritation and redness may also occur. Best Skin Care Routine for Winter Season

What to do:-

People with dry skin should not use soap. Instead use a cleansing gel with a natural moisturizer.

Combined Skin: –

The combination skin is dry or normal while some parts are oily. The forehead and nose are oily and the rest of the skin is normal or dry. In this type of skin, sometimes the area under the eyes also looks oily. Combination skin requires taking care of every part of the face separately.

What to do:-

To keep such skin normal, use natural remedies and apply a mud mask once a week. Scrub once a week. Do not use any cream that contains mineral oil.

Sensitive skin:-

Skin is sensitive when there is skin rash, redness or itching when exposed to dust or dirt. Such skin requires extra care. It can react when using any type of beauty product. Such skin does not suit everything and due to the slightest carelessness, the skin becomes allergic.

What to do:-

Protect face from exposure to dust and pollution. Do not touch the face again and again; It brings bacteria to the face which causes pimples. Use common and good quality beauty treatments for such skin. Avoid scrubbing if possible. Everyday beauty tips for glowing face at home

Some important things required for every skin type: –

  • Drink a lot of water
  • Include fruits and green vegetables in your diet.
  • Do not use cheap beauty products at all.
  • Make sure that there is no make up on the skin before sleeping at night.
  • Use the products according to the season and your skin type.
  • Do not wash your face too much.
  • Keep your face moist.

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