Life after marriage : Changes that comes after women’s marriage

Life after marriage : 12 Exciting Changes that comes after women’s marriage

Life after marriage

A woman plays many characters in her lifetime, daughter, sister, wife, mother, and many more. Marriage is a phase of life that is the longest and most difficult. After this, many changes take place in the life of a girl. Not all changes are bad, some good changes also happen, these can happen both mentally and physically.

After marriage a lot of adjustments have to be made, some are small and some are big adjustments which are not easy.

Changes happen not only in the life of the girl but also in the life of the boy, the difference is that the girl has to make more adjustments because she leaves her house where everything is new for her. We feel these changes but never talk openly, so let’s talk about these changes today.

1. Of course darling! You are going to gain weight:-

The biggest change seen after marriage is weight gain. After marriage, a woman’s lifestyle and eating habits become change, due to which they gain weight. They have to take care of themselves as well as others; the responsibility of the health of other people of the family is also on them, due to which their eating habits become change. Apart from this, hormonal changes, less time for self, change in priorities, etc. can also be the causes of weight gain.

2. You develop a sense of responsibility:-

After marriage, the woman has a family responsibility, not just hers. She has to take care of not only her husband but also other members and also give them accountability. Even after marriage, her parents are not there to help her, but she carries out all her responsibilities towards her in-laws, keeping them on priority. A woman happily becomes more responsible after marriage without complaining about it. This is a big change that occurs in a woman’s life after marriage.

3. No “ME” time, now it is “US” time:-

This is a change that most women complain about. Marriage is a beautiful feeling of life. Initially, you will like everything, you will feel the new experiences, but as time goes by, you will realize that your life is not the same as before. You have to share everything now, also your TIME. If you want that you can spend some time alone, just like you used to do before marriage, then it will be a bit difficult now.

4. You will spend money carefully:-

Before marriage, the girl who did not think before spending money, now she has learned to save money, she started spending every single penny carefully. After a woman gets married she begins to understand the value of money and knows how important it is to save money for future endeavors. So now she spends money only on those things which are very important.

5. Time will move fast:

Life after marriage is not that much easy. Time moves very fast as a married couple. You will not even realize when you have completed your journey from wife to mother. You will get stuck between your career and home responsibilities and time will fly.

6. Short hangout time with friends:-

Before marriage, a woman likes to spend time with friends and hang out with them. Priorities change after marriage, and then hang out time with friends also reduces. Now all your weekends will be planned with family and husband. Friends are also important, but now the husband and his family will be the first priority.


Life after marriage : Changes that comes after women’s marriage

7. Changes in shopping habits:-

After marriage, your shopping list also changes. Previously there were dresses and makeup in your list, now there are groceries in your shopping list. You have to do calculations for the whole month when you need what.

8. You will be confused with your own identity:-

After marriage, women often lose their identity in the pursuit of the responsibility of husband and family. Initially, she does not feel this thing but as time passes she asks herself “Who am I now”. I have seen many women who put their careers at stake to fulfill the responsibility of husband and children and there is no harm in it, but it is very important to understand their own importance.

9. People will take you seriously now:-

After marriage, patience and maturity take place in the life of a woman. There is a shared feeling that if you are married, other people take your relationship and your opinion more seriously. She becomes quite mature in understanding and fighting with any situation. This is a major change that happens to the girl after marriage.

10. You will feel more stable:-

After getting married, women feel more stable about everything in their lives. Your life partner makes you feel secure and comfortable. You know that there is someone in your good and bad times who is with you. Whether you want to take any advice or make a decision, he will guide you. This is why a woman feels stagnant in her life after marriage.

11. You will feel more connected to your family:-

It is said that when we have something, we do not appreciate it, but after it is gone, we know its value. Whether it is your parents or siblings, your love for them will be even more. Where previously there was a 10-15 minute conversation with the mother, now she started talking on the phone with her mother for a long time, her siblings who used to fight before marriage, their relationship is also filled with love. Parents will also value her even more than before because they really miss her and are always there for her.

12. Congratulations, you learned to sacrifice:-

After marriage, there are many situations where a woman has to sacrifice. It is generally seen that after marriage a woman becomes so busy towards her responsibilities and starts struggling with all kinds of duties. He does not get enough time to focus on her career. However, if she wants to get ahead in his career, she will probably get back after one or two years of marriage, provided that the husband and her family are supportive and happy about it.

Life after marriage can be beautiful if life partners share a strong bonding and a great understanding. After reading all these things, you can guess that marriage is a kind of mixed feeling, with good changes as well as some changes that you are not mentally prepared for. Perhaps this is life and we have to learn to live accordingly. Carrying out the responsibilities of your marriage and family, you don’t have to forget “who are you?”

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