Positive Parenting-A Guide to Raising Children well

Positive Parenting-A Guide to Raising Children well

Positive Parenting – Parenting is a tricky word. Many times we do not understand this word properly and make mistakes in the upbringing of the child. Every parent aspires to take better care of their child. It is the responsibility of the parents to have good upbringing of the child. But what is positive parenting? How to do it

A positive parenting is the one in which the child is fully developed and the child develops such qualities that determine a better future for him. They have to teach what is good and what is bad. Also, their development should be excited, healthy, and independently. There is a lot of love for a child in positive parenting, so there should be some discipline and limitations.

So let’s talk about some other such aspects with the help of which you can prove to be an ideal parent.


Positive Parenting-A Guide to Raising Children well


  1. First of all, bring changes inside yourself:-

First of all, bring changes in yourself. If you do not expect any kind of behavior from your child, then you should leave that habit first. Children are like a blank paper. They will learn what they see, so first of all you should behave as you want to make them. If you want that your child does not have the habit of mobile phone, then you will also have to give up the habit of mobile phone.

  1. Make a good connection with them:-

Spend maximum time with your child. Talk to them or play their favorite game with them. This creates a strong connection between the child and you. Your child will never have to lie to you because he knows you will understand him and will support him in every situation.

  1. Don’t be angry with them:-

If the child makes a mistake, do not scold them nor shout at them. But many times their mistakes cannot be ignored. In such a situation, you have to work with patience. Talk to them and try to find out why they made a mistake like this. Make them realize the mistake and also make them aware of the consequences. Also, take a promise not to make such mistake again in future.

  1. Show your love for them:-

Give full love to the child and talk to them nicely. By doing this they develop well both mentally and physically. By doing this, there is a feeling of security in the mind of the child that you are there for them and around them, they also understand and pay attention to you.

  1. Become a good role model for your kids:-

Parents are the inspirations of the child and children learn everything from them. It is believed that the first school of a child is his home and his first teacher is his parents. Children learn from their parents whatever they speak. Whatever the parents should say in front of the children, they should speak thoughtfully as it affects the minds of the children. That is why children should be treated properly and respectfully.

  1. Help them develop their skills:-

Every child is different and every child has different characteristics. So never compare your child to another. Help your child identify and develop his skills. Identify his talent instead of his shortcomings.

  1. Make them realize their responsibilities:-

If the child has to prepare for the future, then make him realize his responsibilities from childhood. Take his help for light household works; this creates a sense of responsibility in the child. By doing this your child also realizes his importance inside the house.

  1. Discipline is important in upbringing:-

One thing should be known that there is a difference between discipline and punishment. It does not mean punishment at all. They get scared by scolding or killing children and then they also start lying to you. Even if the child makes a mistake, talk to him and explain to him what is right and what is wrong.

  1. Develop their social interest:-

Help the child socialize. Being social brings confidence in him and he is not afraid to speak out, whether at home or outside. They will not find you for all their work; this brings the child’s decision-making ability and self-reliance.

  1. Take care of the children eating food:-

Along with good habits, it is very important for the child to be healthy. Feed the child a healthy and nutritious diet. If possible, make a diet chart for them which contain all the nutrients required by the body. Stop the child from eating outside food or junk food, because such kind of food increases the chances of getting sick.


Positive Parenting-A Guide to Raising Children well


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  1. Get children vaccinated at the right time:-

Get all the vaccines needed for the child at the right time. If you do not know about it, then take it from your doctor. Because to be healthy, vaccination of the child at the right time is very important.

  1. Child’s good education is your responsibility:-

Good parents are the ones who pay full attention to the education of their children. The future of the child depends on his education. Therefore, his education should be done well; this is the biggest responsibility of the parents.

Positive parenting is not rocket science; just you have to focus on a few things. Positive parenting makes a child a good person and also decides his future. 

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