Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy/Do’s and Don’t

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy – Pregnancy is one of the important stages of life. A pregnant woman who eats and drinks directly affects the baby in her womb. Therefore, it is very important to take special care of the pregnant woman in the 9 months of pregnancy. If you are going to be a mother soon, then take care of yourself and for your future child. Apart from this, before and after conception, very important women should take balanced diet. It is important for your body to be healthy.

This is necessary not only for you but also for your child. During pregnancy, extra energy is required to keep your baby safe. Being a mother should avoid many things and take care of other things as well. Let’s know what to do and what not to do during pregnancy. Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy:-

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Keep in touch with a Doctor:-

Get your health checked with a doctor regularly. If you have any question in your mind, do not hesitate to ask the doctor. At this time, all the tests recommended by the doctor should be done. Take all the vitamins and iron medicine recommended by the doctor. Do not eat any type of medicine without doctor’s advice.

Pay attention to your food and water:-

What you eat during this time has a direct effect on your child. Eat healthy things like green vegetables, juices and fruits. Do not keep too much gap in food. Keep eating something every 3-4 hours. Add dry fruits to your diet as well. Drink 8-10 glasses of water regularly. 

Avoid raw meat, raw eggs and cheese because harmful bacteria in them can harm your child’s health. You must include things with iron in your diet.

Pregnant woman should consume more and more green vegetables. Because green vegetables contain folic acid. Folate is an important element in pregnancy that reaches the body through green vegetables. Drink milk regularly. Because you will get calcium protein, which is very beneficial for you and your children.

Do exercises and yoga:-

During pregnancy, a little exercise or yoga should be done. This will make you feel fit and your mind will also remain calm. Before doing any kind of exercise or yoga, please consult the doctor first.

Don’t Drink or Smoke:-

Smoking can cause you problems such as miscarriages or pre-term delivery. Additionally, your child may also be overweight.

Stop drinking alcohol before 6 months of conception because it causes many diseases to the baby. The child’s heart, lungs and brain also suffer badly.

Get plenty of sleep:-

If we talking about healthy pregnancy along with mental rest physical rest is also very important. Because you feel very tired in the early days of pregnancy, so if you are a pregnant woman then you should get at least 8 hours of sleep. If you take 1–2 hours rest during the day also, then it is very good for you and your child. You will feel healthy and refreshed when sleep is complete.

Think positive & Avoid stress:-

It is most important for healthy pregnancy that you remain happy and peace of mind. Stay away from stress, do meditation for this. Also read books, listen to music, go shopping, or attend a child birth class. You can stay away from stress by keeping yourself busy.

If you want, you can also take the help of meditation. With this, you will work on stress, as well as feel positive energy inside you. On the advice of your doctor, do pranayam for half an hour daily. The inner parts of the body will gain strength. Also, the hormones will also remain in balance. This will also keep you away from stress.

Pay attention to your clothing:-

Take special care of clothes too. Take care of its cleanliness as well as its fittings. Wear comfortable clothes at this time. Wearing tight clothes during pregnancy will also affect the growth of the child.

Avoid wearing heels during this time. This will cause pain in your feet. Always wear comfortable slippers, keeping in mind the increased weight. Avoid wearing heels and any such footwear. It affects your center of gravity, which causes pain and you can also lose your physical balance, which is very harmful in pregnancy.

Monitor your weight:-

Pay attention to your weight as well. Weight and body increase a lot after pregnancy. Always monitor your weight too. Increasing weight in pregnancy is common, but if the weight suddenly increases or decreases, it can be a matter of concern. Consult your doctor immediately as soon as you see this.

Today you learned about “Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy”. Those women who are planning to conceive should take care of the above. Their families should also take good care of the woman so that the woman can give birth to a healthy child.

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