What are the Reasons for Hair Fall

What are the Reasons for Hair Fall?

What are the Reasons of hair fall – Nowadays hair loss is a very common problem that is seen in most people. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, hair loss has become a common problem, whether children or older, everyone is very upset by it. Hair falls not only for men but also for women. Genes are the main contributor to hair loss, along with hormonal embolism, thyroid problem, lack of nutrients and lack of proper blood circulation in the hair roots are some of the main reasons.

There is about 1 lacs hair on our head and it is considered normal to break 50-100 hairs daily but if the number is more than this then it is a matter of concern.

By the way, there is no single reason for hair loss, but there are many reasons for it, but here we are going tell you about some specific reason for it, let’s know about them.

What are the Reasons for Hair Fall
What are the Reasons for Hair Fall

Not eating right:-

If our hair does not get proper amount of vitamins, minerals and protein, then our hair starts falling. Nowadays most of the people like to eat fried and oily food but many people do not know that due to this our body does not get the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and protein, which causes hair loss.


Pollution is one the main reasons for hair fall. On getting out of the house our hair has to face dust, mud and sun rays spreading in the atmosphere. In such a situation, if hair is not covered well and will not be taken care of properly, then the problem of hair fall can increase.

Taking stress:-

If you are very upset for some reason or are stressed about your work, then this will also start your hair loss.

Excessive use of chemical:-

If you use products purchased from the market too much on your hair, then you may face the problem of hair loss. Because chemical is used in very high quantities in these products, it also has many side effects.

After delivery:-

After delivery hair fall is very common. This is seen in most of the women. In such a situation, hair needs extra care.

Vitamin B deficiency:-

According to scientists, a survey has shown that the hair of those people who are deficient in Vitamin B also starts falling.

Digestive Problem:-

The digestive system has direct control over our health. It also affects our hair. If our digestive system is not well then it weakens the roots of our hair. Due to which our hair starts falling and breaks easily.

Using hot water:-

Hot water is harmful for our hair. Washing hair with hot water makes hair dry and lifeless. Moisture in the hair also ends, so you should not use hot water, rather you use light hot water.

Poor hair care:-

Too much washing or less washing also causes hair fall, so clean hair thoroughly. Using a dryer to dry hair can also lead to the problem of hair fall. Using the wrong shampoo or conditioner also weakens hair.

Scalp infection:-

Scalp infection is a common cause of hair fall. Even if there is a problem of dandruff in the scalp, the hair can fall.

Smoking or consuming other drug:-

Smoking and drugs cause harm to our entire body, including hair.

Hormonal Imbalance:-

Due to change of any hormones, there is a lot of change in the body and behavior of a person. But there are some hormones that change very rapidly in a person’s body. If ever there is too much change in the hormones of the body, then it affects our hair.

This is why our hair starts falling. Thyroid Hormone is responsible for hair loss in women.

Stopping hair loss is not a difficult task, but if proper care, caution and some things are avoided, hair loss can be reduced easily.

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