What are the Symptoms of Pregnancy?

What are the Symptoms of Pregnancy? – It is a beautiful feeling for any woman to be a mother. It is said that a woman becomes complete only when she becomes a mother. Pregnancy is a strange experience in every woman’s life. Early pregnancy symptoms begin to appear only a few weeks after conception. But even if some women do not have periods on time, it is believed that the woman is in pregnancy. In the doubt of becoming pregnant, most women first find out about their pregnancy by doing pregnancy test or ultrasound.

But apart from these tests, pregnancy can also be detected through some changes and symptoms in the body. There can be many symptoms of pregnancy, which vary in intensity, frequency and time to time. But below are some of the common symptoms seen during pregnancy. Many of these symptoms are associated with menstrual periods.

What are the Symptoms of Pregnancy?

Missed period

If you have a normal menstrual period and come on time. In such situation, if the next due is over 7 days from the date, then it is very likely that you are pregnant. However, the period may also be closed in an abnormal state. But if you are completely healthy and your monthly discharge has stopped, then it is a symptom of your getting pregnant.

Feeling tired

If you are pregnant then you feel tired during the early days of pregnancy. Only after doing a little work, you feel tired and breathlessness starts. It is one of the early signs of pregnancy.

Morning sickness

Some women faces difficulty in getting up in the morning during early days of pregnancy, head feels heavy, feels tired, does not feel like doing any work, these are the symptoms of morning sickness that are seen in the early days of pregnancy.

Swollen and sensitive breasts

Once you enter the sixth week of pregnancy, then gradually your breasts start growing normally. The size of your breasts is generally larger during pregnancy than before. Breast swelling can also occur due to changes in hormones in the body. Sensitivity is very common in the first trimester, and decreases as pregnancy progresses.

Nausea or vomiting

Nausea and vomiting is one of the early pregnancy symptoms. Although it starts in the sixth week of pregnancy, but sometimes it can start in the fourth week. You will feel that Vomit is about to happen but may or may not happen.

Food cravings and changes in sense of smell

Excessive hunger is also a symptom of pregnancy. Some women have a lot of desire for some special meals and there is also anorexia from some other meals. Suddenly the desire to eat anything is awakened. This problem is associated with an increase in estrogen levels and this condition arises during pregnancy.

Along with this, there is a change in your sniffing art as well. You might not like some type of smell.

Frequent toilet

During pregnancy you may also feel that you are getting more frequent urination. This is due to the mixing of uterine hormones and blood in your body at that time. Because in this process your kidneys have to work more. The hormone plays a big role in the health of the bladder. Because of this you feel frequent urination.

Mood swing and irritability

There is a lot of difference in the behavior of a pregnant woman, such that if the mood is good at times, it will become bad at times. Due to changes in hormones and fatigue, there is a lot of change in mood at this time and there is also a lot of irritability. If you feel that your mood is changing very fast for the last few days, then it can be a symptom of pregnancy.


Due to increased levels of progesterone, food passes slowly through the intestines, causing constipation in the early stages of pregnancy. To deal with this problem, increase the amount of fiber in your food so that food can go ahead easily.

Positive Home Pregnancy Test

If you want to find out whether you are pregnant or not, then the easiest way is that you can find out by checking with a pregnancy kit.

What are the Symptoms of Pregnancy?

So these were some symptoms with the help of which you can find out whether you are pregnant or not, if you have any doubt, you should get it checked by the doctor and take the advice of the doctor.

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